Are you working with or considering working with Offline Clients.

Cut-and-Paste-Offline-Consulting-ContractsIf so…I have some great news for you!

Helping Local Businesses make more money…

In my opinion, is the easiest way to start making money from the knowledge YOU already posses.

If you are helping Offline businesses…here’s another question…

Are you protecting yourself with the right Offline Contracts or do you look like your running a Mickey Mouse outfit in the eyes of your clients???

A lot of my students have asked me…

“Burt…where can they get the right Offline Consulting Contracts for my business.”

Some folks say they don’t need these, but the truth of the matter is…

Cut and Paste Offline Consulting Contracts

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Get YOUR Offline Consulting Contracts NOW !!!

The right Offline Consulting Contracts will protect YOU and your clients and you’ll immediately become the professional Offline Consulting Expert in your clients eyes!

Separating YOU from Mickey-Mouse outfits…not to mention protecting you and your valuable work.

Cut and Paste Offline Consulting Contracts – Prepared by Attorney

I have a close attorney friend…who is a part of my personal Mastermind group.

Scott Talbert is a REAL Attorney and not some Guru…who’s claims to be an attorney or knows an attorney who gave him rights to some contracts.

Scott and I have been talking about these Cut and Paste Offline Consulting Contracts for some time now…and now…they are ready!

You can get them an an extremely low price…and the sooner you get them…the better.

Like a lot of products on the internet…the price increases with supply and demand.

When you invest…you’ll be able to download an editable Offline Consulting Contract and an NDA —- Non-Disclosure Agreement.

The offline contract can be edited as often as you like for whatever service you are offering…

In this example…Scott has already prepared this one for Website Security Services…

You can actually use it immediately with the bonus that comes when you invest in the Cut and Paste Offline Contracts and you’ll have another service you can provide for YOUR offline clients.

These two contracts are great and…it gets even better!

You will get an OTO or another offer for a Full Confidentiality – Non-Disclosure, Non Use, Non compete, and non circumvent agreement.

Nothing wrong with the first NDA, many people use this kind everyday…but why not protect yourself all the way around.

What are you going to do…if one of your clients gives away your trade secrets to one of your competitors or decides to do his own video marketing after learning everything from watching YOU and asking you question after question.

This Full NDA protects your Valuable Trades Secrets and instantly gives YOU more creditably and value!

Impress Your Client – Cut and Paste Offline Consulting Contracts

Check out this Awesome Internet & Business Consulting Services Agreement that references the Schedule of Internet & Business Consulting Services.

Now you can have your client sign only One Offline Consulting Contract while
referencing the Schedule of Services .

No need to constantly edit your Offline Contract for all the different services you
offer and….

here is the beauty of this one…

When your client sees all the different services YOU have to offer….

He’ll begin to ask you questions about the other services and you begin making up sells without even trying!

The extra money you’ll be making…is limited only by your imagination…

Ain’t that the coolest Idea since sliced bread!

If I were YOU….

I’d click on the link below this video and get a copy of Cut and Paste Offline Consulting Contracts NOW!

Enjoy and tell Mickey Mouse…so long!

Get YOUR Offline Consulting Contracts NOW !!!

Check out Scott’s Cut and Paste Legal Forms ! 

Go straight to his Great offer here for Cut and Paste Legal Forms

YouTube Video for Offline Contracts

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