Dan Hollings is the Man for Zero Cost Marketing

 Zero Cost Marketing Dan-Hollings

Zero Cost Marketing Dan-Hollings

In this Zero Cost Marketing Webinar Review with Dan Hollings, we discover that we really can, “Have our Cake and Eat it too!

In this webinar, discover how you can stop paying over $500 a month on average and use Great Free Marketing Tools to do exactly what you were paying over $500 a month for!

Secrets are revealed inside, You don’t want to miss this amazing Zero Cost Marketing Review and Webinar with Dan Hollings!

Dan is the man behind the marketing campaign for the mega-hit move and book called “The Secret” which was no secret.  Because of his Zero Cost Marketing efforts on this product, it became viral and “The Secret” became known world wide.

You Want Zero Cost Marketing Dan Hollings 

[tentry image=”http://workingwithburt.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Zero-Cost-Marketing-Dan-Hollings.png” name=”Going Down in History as…” company=””The marketing campaign behind ‘The Secret’ is going to go down in history as the greatest case study of viral marketing ever done…. Anywhere.””] ABC News said, “The marketing campaign behind ‘The Secret’ is going to go down in history as the greatest case study of viral marketing ever done…. Anywhere.” [/tentry]
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Zero Cost Marketing – Dan Hollings:

First Zero Cost Marketing Project with Dan Hollings

The Secret which as I said before…wasn’t kept a secret for very long.  After Dan applied his Zero Cost Marketing Tactics to “The Secret”, it suddenly went viral!  

As a matter of fact, it was the biggest thing happening on the internet according to the Alexa Rankings during the launch of the “The Secret”.  

It’s unfortunate, but most people starting out on the internet...think they must spend a lot of money before they can start making money. With Dan’s Zero Cost Marketing and very few low cost marketing strategies, the money saved it unbelievable!

Dan said at the end of the webinar,

“If  your the mortgage on your house was $534.52 and you could pay me $500 one time (doesn’t cost you $500 to learn) to show you…how you wouldn’t ever have to spend that $534.52 on your mortgage ever again…would it be worth it?”

Duh….everyone agreed!  That’s what I call a no-brainer!

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Article: Zero Cost Marketing – Dan Hollings Shows Amazing Money Saving Secrets

Author: Burt Richard

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