Profits are Better than Wages -Jim Rohn

Profits are Better than Wages

Which would rather do:

  • Work from 9 – 5 nearly everyday,  then get 2 weeks’ vacation each year?
  • Vacation whenever you want as often as you want and letting your products do the work for YOU?

You have to take 5 minutes and watch this video NOW…

I’m going to explain why

“Profits are better than Wages”

In this Short Video…I’m going to teach you a Life Changing Principle !

 Watch this 5 min video now!

Profits are Better than Wages

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Now take a look at an Easy Product Creation Idea and you’ll learn how you can Create Products or easily Outsource YOUR product creation ideas.  And what’s best it’s…

  • Easy &
  • Fun

Work one time…keep getting paid..AGAIN, Again and again ! I really enjoy learning from Jim Rohn.  Watch his video below and you’ll see what I mean.  He is a great guy and one of the few men that I truly respected.  He has recently gone to be with the Lord, but this guy will be remembered for years to come.  He truly had a heart to help YOU “Create Success”…maybe that’s where I learned it from?

When you discover that Profits are better than Wages, you’ll be free to make as much money as you want.  Wages are really only what you earn when someone pays you for trading your time in service to them.  Then they give you a wage which is really saying…“You are only worth this much to me.”  So if your employer says you are only worth minimum wage…how do you become worthy of more per hour?  Regardless of how much they say you are worth, you still only have the same 24 hours in a day that I have.But when you learn to power of Profits are better than Wages, when you learn that you can make massive amounts of profit by having products that can sell 24/7…now it doesn’t matter that you only have 24 hours in a day!

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Easy Product Creation Idea 

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Article: Profits are Better than Wages

Author: Burt Richard

Resources: Easy Product Creation Idea

YouTube Video: Profits are Better than Wages