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Get Organized – Simple and Saves Time – Video Training Course

Whether you operate an Internet or Retail Business, are Hobbyist, Author, or maybe a Home Schooling Family – the “Get Organized” tool makes it easy to FILE and FIND that document, video, report, receipt, password, or anything you have filed on your computer.

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BANK Personality Sales Training System

Learn to Communicate Effectively with YOUR List – Know, Like and Trust YOU – Audio and Video Training Course

DRAMATICALLY Increase Sales by understanding the 4 different personality types: B.A.N.K. Personality Sales Training System. Picture yourself GRABBING your prospects ATTENTION by addressing them according to their personality type – MOTIVATING THEM, whether it be in on YOUR Sales Page, thru Email, Video, or Meeting with them in person.

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24 Hour Fast Cash Video Marketing

Imagine Making Fast Cash Using this Secret Video Strategy – Video and Audio Training Course

I invite you to peak over my shoulder, as I explain and show you step-by-step how to create videos, find products to promote, and other valuable video tips. Begin to market products and earn money fast, with the 24 Hour Fast Cash Video Marketing strategy training collection.

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Created for Success

Like Gravity – It Works, Whether you believe in it or not…it still WORKS!

So, I’m asking you and I double dog dare you, to read it, practice the simple principles I talk about, and watch what happens! I’m living proof that it works! Created For Success eBook – How I “Created Success Online”


Free Internet Marketing TrainingInternet Marketing Training

Hi, I’m Burt and my goal is to empower you to begin “Creating Success”online by showing you how with step by step video tutorials. These videos allow you to look over my shoulder and watch as I actually apply what I teach and then I encourage you to pause the video and do it for yourself.

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Content is King

“You’re About To Discover The Secret of…”

Creating GREAT CONTENT, Getting PAGE 1 RANKING on Google, and Discovering UNTAPPED MARKETS. When making a Video correctly, IT WORKS! Learn the right way to produce your own videos. My personal training with Step by Step Instructions. “Content is King If you already have access to this product Login


Internet Marketing Coaching

Internet Marketing Coach – Burt is Your Internet Marketing Solution

Internet Marketing Coach, Burt Richa’rd is now available to help a limited number of students. If you’ve been struggling and you’ve bought Internet marketing course after course…and you’re still not making any money, then my training on this website will greatly help you, BUT if its PERSONAL COACHING you want, I’m here for YOU. But I can only take a limited amount of students at any one time. Internet Marketing CoachingLogin

Video Editing and Marketing eClass


Video Editing and Marketing eClass

Learning the in’s and out’s of Camtasia was a HUGE turning point for me, and I know can be the same for YOU. Jump on this Awesome $2000 Product for pennies on the Dollar! Help me Create This Product ! Video Editing and Marketing eClassIf you already have access to this productLogin ~ (formally Camtasia Tutorial eClass)

It’s our goal to help as many people as possible to “Create Success” and enjoy life the way we do.

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Burt & Becca teach an Internet Business Course to Create Success

Burt and Becca

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Vision without execution…is just a hallucination!

Think Great Thoughts and Great Things will begin to happen!

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Burt Richard

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