You Are What You EAT – even when it comes to online offers!

 I bet you’ve heard… “You are what you EAT.” 

It’s a statement that says, you become whatever you consume and I’m not talking just about food here. 

Bright Shiny Objects

Bright Shiny Objects

Are you fat on all the BSOs (Bright Shiny Objects) you’ve been consuming. 

You’re fat because all you’ve done is buy stuff and never applied any of it.  Kinda like eating at McDonald’s everyday and never exercising. 

Junk in — Junk Out — Feel like Junk

You probably can’t focus and you are wondering if it is even possible?  Are these people just taking you for a ride on your Dime?

You’re Ready to Quit!

Well…go ahead…as long as you keep following Ronald McDonald, you’ll probably never make enough to do anything other than buy another Happy Meal and does that make you Happy???

But…wait a moment, why not begin following the right people…(unsubscribe from everyone, unless they actually are teaching you something of value.) 

If you get one email after another and the only thing they tell you is about the next great WSO, BSO and Instant Online Fire Your Boss Next week opportunity…UNSUBSCRIBE !

My goal is to teach you step by step through training videos, in order to help you create success. Watch this Sunday Update Video and find out what you need to do so you can begin building a Successful Online Business!

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I hope you enjoyed this edition of “The Sunday Update”

Take time to evaluate what you’ve accomplished in the past. Write them down and celebrate your accomplishments. Then…take time to focus, decide what you want to accomplish front this point forward.

Write it down and then break up that big goal into small goals you can actually accomplish in short time frames.  This way, you can see some results and celebrate some more accomplishments.

Becca and I are excited for YOU!  We have some great things in store for YOU and can’t wait to celebrate with you!

I’d like to hear your comments. Make sure to let me know if you think these Sunday Updates will be a value to YOU!

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Article: Sunday Update – You Are What You Eat

Author: Burt Richard

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