Be Positive in Your Thinking and Focus on the Good

Life Happens – Focus on the Positive

Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking

What did you accomplish this week? 

Did you accomplish a lot and did you reach all your goals or are you beating yourself up because you didn’t accomplish as much as you had planned?

When doing anything…especially when trying to “Create Success” online, it’s important to focus on what you did accomplish, because unfortunately, life happens and the internet is always changing with one internet challenge after another.

It’s the one thing you can depend on…but if you persist and focus on the good, try to always look for the positive, or think positively about what ever situation your in…you’ll come out better.

Sunday Update – Positive Thinking Video

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I didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I had planned this week.  Life got in the way and I unexpectedly spent 4 days away from home and away from my computer.

My parents whom are deaf, had a computer crash! 

Since they are deaf, communicating with email and using their computer is very important.  Since working on computers is my area of expertise…I stopped what I had planned for this week and spent time helping the people I love.

It’s nice when you can have time freedom, financial freedom and can go help the people you love!

I could have focused on what I didn’t accomplish, but then I would end up beating myself up.  Instead I began to think positively about what I had accomplished.

I immediately began to feel better, because I didn’t focus on the negative…something that we all tend to do when we have a bad week.

The whole reason I do and maybe one of the reasons you want to “Create Success” online is so…You can have Time Freedom!

I’m  very fortunate that I could go to my parents house and help them fix their computer.

With all the negative stuff that happens in this world…you don’t need any help beating yourself up. 

Becca and I believe in you and want to see you “Create Success” online.  Practice “Positive Thinking” …even when it seems like everything is going against you. 

Don’t quit and we have no doubt that you will raise to the top!

Make sure to download your Free Audio book that will help YOU with Positive Thinking and I challenge you to listen to it several times and try to listen to it at least once a month for the rest of this year.  It’s only 54 minutes long and I’m positive it will help your thinking…LOL

As a Man Thinketh by James Allen is one of those books, packed full of truths that will change your life, if you let it.  I bought the book years ago and have read it a few times.  I’ve really enjoyed listening to the audio and now you too…can listen and enjoy this great audio book!

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Sunday Update – Positive Thinking – It does the Body Good

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Article: Sunday Update – Positive Thinking – It does the Body Good

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