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When you begin to learn internet marketing, you’ll end up getting emails from just about every Guru and Pretend Guru out there! Now I won’t pretend to be a Internet Marketing Guru, but I will teach you and give you access to some Awesome Internet Marketing Training.

Building a business online is no different than any other business.  You’ll have to continually invest if you are going to grow!  Only YOU know what you need…right now, on your internet marketing journey!

But a good mentor will make sure you get internet marketing training and hear about the things that you can benefit from.  If you’re not getting value…it might be time to UNSUBSCRIBE-!

My goal is to help those who have a desire to create success online. I have recorded (and continue to add) numerous step-by-step internet market training at NO COST. I remember what is was like when I started and I wish I had someone like ME to help. I invite you to become a Member today and let the training begin! CLICK TO BEGIN YOUR TRAINING

Got Gas….Fuel to Learn Internet Marketing

 No different than when you drive your automobile, you’ll have to keep buying gas, changing your oil, washing your vehicle and other misc things.

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This week, we looked at:

  1. The Kindle Triangulation 
  2. Google Adsense Training
  3. Do You Believe – Inspirational Video 

 Break Down the Internet Marketing Training we Learned this Week

The Kindle Triangulation

Learn Internet Marketing from one of the Best Gurus out there…in my opinion.

It’s James J. Jones latest course on publishing on the Kindle. I must warn you of the bad news first!

This $7 course if going to $97 real soon.  If it’s already $97…all I can say is I’m sorry, but it’s still worth every penny!

Kindle Triangulation Course

Kindle Triangulation Course

The Kindle Triangle he’s talking about:

  1. Market Research
  2. Product Creation – He gives 9 different easy example of books you can create!
  3. Ranking

Without those three things…it’s difficult to “Create Success” on the Kindle.  But James’ 38 page ebook is real clear on what you need to do.  At the end…he gives you some resources including three videos which talk about:

  1. Setting up your Kindle Account
  2. Formatting your document for Kindle Publishing
  3. Uploading your Kindle information for Publishing

Google Adsense Training

This is some awesome video training on Adsense. This was a $7 Weekend Special that has expired, but at $27 it’s still an unbelievable deal.

Building Adsense Sites are a great way to make residual income from Google Ads that are placed on your website.  Just building those sites are a great way to enhance your internet marketing skills.  Some internet marketers make a full time income just from these kind of sites and they are a lot less headaches because you never deal with Customer Support issues!

There’s 19 videos all produced by Wayne Hatter, a member of James’ The Net Results team, and here they are:

Introduction Video to Google Adsense – Internet Marketing Training

  1. Google Adsense

    Google Adsense

    Video 1 – What is Google Adsense?

  2. Video 2 – The Adsense Mindset
  3. Video 3 – How does Adsense work?
  4. Video 4 – Creating an Adsense account
  5. Video 5 – Finding a Domain with the Google Keyword Tool
  6. Video 6 – Finding a Domain with Micro Niche Finder
  7. Video 7 – Finding a Hot Niche
  8. Video 8 – Finding Keywords for Content
  9. Video 9 – Finding Topics and ARticles for your Keywords
  10. Video 10 – Creating your Website with Blogger or WordPress
  11. Video 11 – Article Directory Submission
  12. Video 12 – Link Building
  13. Video 13 – Social Bookmarking
  14. Video 14 – Blog Commenting
  15. Video 15 – Creating Adsense Ad Units
  16. Video 16 – Ad Placement for Blogger
  17. Video 17 – Ad Placement for WordPress
  18. Video 18 – Adsense Ad Performance

Do You Believe – Inspirational Video

What does a Bible in one hand and a Sword in the other have to do with internet marketing training or learning internet marketing?

Bible & Sword

Bible & Sword









Well…you’ll have to go see!  It’s a 40 minute video and I double dog dare you to watch it.  I promise…I will not to try to sell you a single item, but you will be surprised to learn, inside this video is the secret to How I “Create Success” online!

Learn Internet Marketing from me…I’ve got more great  training coming…including:

  • Some Free Tools you need to keep your PC running clean, fast and safe!
  • Keyword and SEO Research…an interview lined up an Expert coming soon!

Be watching for more Internet Marketing Training coming soon!

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