Internet Marketing Coach, Burt Richa’rd is now available to help a limited number of students. If you’ve been struggling and you’ve bought internet marketing course after course…and you’re still not making any money, I’ve got a great solution for you.

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You need an Internet Marketing Solution and Burt is Your Internet Marketing Coach

John, Burt, James Jones, Tim, Brian

You don’t need another internet marketing course. What you need is an internet marketing coach! A internet marketing specialist that has proven experience! Someone who has connections and someone who is still learning from other internet marketing experts, keeping up to date on the latest internet marketing techniques.

You don’t need someone who thinks he knows it all…if I don’t know…I’ll tell you, “I don’t Know.” ;^)

When I’m working for you, YOU’RE getting years of experience! Not only do you learn from my experience…you benefit from the wealth of knowledge I get from people like:

Internet Marketing Coach

Internet Coach

          • James J. Jones
          • John S. Rhodes
          • Tim Castleman
          • Brian G. Johnson
          • and a few more!

So…Burt, what’s so great, what’s different about Your Internet Marketing Coaching?

Dang…Thought you’d never ask.  ;^)

Internet Marketing Coach

 Break it down for me…Internet Marketing Coach…”What does all that mean?”  Ok…check out the details below the “Add To Cart” Buttons.

Internet Marketing Coach – Options

Internet Marketing Coach

    Safe Option…if YOU only need a little !


Internet Marketing Coach

 Best Internet Marketing Coach – Option for Your Investment


Internet Marketing Coach – Options

First things First !  Your paying for Time that NEVER EXPIRES !

Use it up as you wish, however you wish.  Break it up in 15 min increments, 30 minutes sessions or use it all at one time.  Just use it WISELY …

1.  The Below things are available to you…as long as you still have time remaining in your Internet Marketing Coach account.  This is not lifetime access…if you’re out of time…You’re out of ACCESS. 

The (3) items below don’t go against your time…unless YOU’RE wasting my time.  As your internet marketing coach, I don’t want to waste your time and you don’t want to waste my time.  But if you want to pay me to listen to you whine…I’ll take that.  But as your internet marketing coach, I’d rather help you “Create Success” online! 

  • Skype Access – If you have a quick question…you can chat with me on Skype…Don’t diddle, I don’t need to know the weather, Just what can I do to help you “Create Success”.
  • Phone Support – Sometimes it’s quicker to just give me a call…First–Chat Skype to me and see if I can take a call…if so, I will.
  • Unlimited Email Support – Got a quick question that is not URGENT…email me… Normally get an answer within a few hours…but at least within 24 hours.

2.  The Below goes against the time you purchased.

  • Timed Coaching – Purchase as much or as little as you want.  Never Expires – Break it up in Time Chucks that fit your schedule.
  • Schedule your time Via email or Skype and I’ll record your Session with your Internet Marketing Coach (that’s me) – Just Audio or both Audio/Video Screen Capture
  • Computer Remote Access – Regardless the problem…I can access your Computer and fix it, help you find it, or show you how. (if I know how)
  • Technical Support – If you just can’t figure something out or something is broke…I can usually fix it from my end with remote access.
  • Almost 24/7 AccessCommon Sense here… ;^)  I do have to sleep and have personal time…but I know many people can only work on the weekend.  If I’m available and most of the time I am…I just love this STUFF…. then we can schedule time that works for you.

Dang…What you waiting for?

***Disclaimer –  Because of the nature of this Service orientated Internet Marketing Coaching Program, I cannot issue any refunds once you start your coaching.

For more information or questions…contact: Internet Marketing Coach Burt Richa’rd

Support (@)

Skype: CreatedForSuccessSystem

Support Phone: 318-787-0797

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