Gravity – Destiny ?

Is there such a thing? Could it be fate or your destiny to “Create Succaess”?

Like Gravity - What is Destiny

Like Gravity – What is Destiny


What about…a Divine Destiny?  A greater plan or purpose…could it be real?

Let me ask you a question that may seem…silly.

Do you believe in gravity?  Sure you do, but…

  • What is Your Destiny?
  • Is it Destiny or Your Fate to live the life you have?
  • Do you have any say about your life?

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 Do you…do you believe in gravity?

I’m sure anyone who answers that questions, may chuckle and say…“Of course!”  But why do you believe in gravity?

  • You can’t see it
  • Can’t hear it
  • Can’t touch it
  • Can’t smell it and I bet you can even tell me what gravity looks like…yet you say, “You believe in it.”


Because someone told you it was real?!?!?

Well, what you are about to discover in this book, although  to some…it could be very controversial and some would argue until the day they die with some of things I say…but, I assure you,

Every word of it is true! 

It’s a lot like Gravity!

Whether you believe in it or not…it still WORKS!

So, I’m asking you and I double dog dare you, to read it, practice the simple principles I talk about and watch what happens!

I’m living proof that it works!

I can’t wait to hear your story of how this book changed your life!

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See how this one person changed his destiny forever…one day, changed his life forever!

Destiny is not going to stop you from having the life you’ve always dreamed !

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Article: Like Gravity – It Works – What is Destiny

Author: Burt Richard

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