Created for Success

A true story that will touch your heart, inspire you & remind you…

…that you are “Created For Success”!

created for success

Small random acts of kindness, a smile…almost anything done from the heart can change your life and the lives of all those around you.

Zig Ziglar said, “If you will help enough people get what they want…you will have what you want.”

Great things are in store for you.  It is not by accident that you are here reading and watching this video.

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 When the student is ready…the teacher will appear. “Jim Rohn”

I hope this video will inspire you to help others today.

I encourage you to write down your “Why”, put it on paper.  Put it somewhere, where you can see it and read it often.

Here is our “Why”,

Our mission is to create massive amounts of wealth!  Why?  So, we can enjoy the abundant life God has for us and teach others how they can do the same!

Leave comments and let Becca and I know…What Inspires You,  What is your “Why”

Let me also share, that both my wife and I made the decision…that our past is not going to define who we are…what we do today is the only thing that can affect who we are tomorrow! We help people to see that they too can “Create Success”…because they were Created For Success….not to barely get by in this world! You are one of those.

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