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I’ve always heard how important it is to split test your sales pages, opt-in pages, headlines and a ton of other things…but it’s always been way to difficult until now!

I just discovered and tested this new WP Split Tester Pro Tool.  It’s designed as a wordpress plugin but can still test external pages that are not WordPress.

In the past, I’ve tried different tools, but they were all too technical and very difficult to use.  Can’t someone come out with something that is fast and easy?  That’s exactly what Wil Mattos and Jason Fladlien have done.

WP Split Tester Pro Tool TESTED

I had to get my hands on one of these tools and put it through the test! I think YOU will be pleasantly surprised at the results.  

I even throw in a bonus during the video teaching YOU how to quickly clone or duplicate your sales pages, opt-in pages and other pages so you are not doing double work.  YUCK

They created the WP Split Tester and I had to try it out. Could it really be as fast and easy as they say???

 Watch the WP Split Tester Pro Review Video Below

[ebvideo src=”http://workwithburt.s3.amazonaws.com/post-vids/wp-split-tester-pro-review-and-bonus.mp4″ width=”600″ height=”450″ center=”1″ shadow=”1″ sharing=”1″]

Using this tool can really help you increase sales, increase opt-ins, and overall help YOUR online business! 

 You can really increase the bottom line when you begin split testing, but that has always been difficult until now.  

You can easily split test your opt-in pages and increase the number of leads, customers and people who join your list.  As you know, the bigger your list, the more money you will make…if you know how to communicate with them effectively.

Split testing your sales pages, could really increase sales.  I’ve often wondered and heard, that a video sales page is much better than the long standard sales page.  But how do you know and can you prove it?  Not without split testing!

Sometimes it is as simple as how you word your headline.  A boring headline like New WP Split Tester Pro Tool or something that catches their attention like…“Discover the Secret to Increasing Sales with a Revolutionary Easy Split Tester”.

Dang…which headline would catch your attention?

Don’t take my word for it…get your WP Split Tester Pro today and watch YOUR Sales increase too!

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Article: WP Split Tester Pro Review and Bonus

Author: Burt Richard

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YouTube Video: WP Split Tester Pro Review