How to Make a Favicon

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How to Make Favicon

How to Make Favicon

How to Make a Favicon: Favicons are a great way to brand yourself or your website, but what is a favicon, how do I make favicon and what are the correct favicon dimensions?

Whoa, whoa, whoa…hang on a minute.

Let me tell you about favicons and I’ll even show you where you can get access to some videos showing you all about favicons, including how to make and install them.

What are Favicons and How to Make a Favicon

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 Favicons simply put, are little icons that represent you and become your logo. Can you picture your website URL having your own personal branding favicon – pretty cool huh!

You can take just about any picture you want, edit the size of the image down and then rename that image to favicon.ico and make it your favicon.

The favicon dimensions are normally around 16 pixels to 32 pixels. That’s pretty small, but remember, most of the time, your going to use these favicons in the address bar and internet tabs of web browsers.

Making a favicon is really easy and I show you step by step in the favicon tutorial videos.

Favicon Tutorial Videos:

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Article: How to Make a Favicon to Brand You and Your Website

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