How to Find Domain Names and Get it NOW

How to Find Domain

How to Find Domain

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Getting and finding a domain is easy, but service after the sale is even more important.  

Learn how to find domains, then once you find a domain, be careful where you buy the domain so you can get the best Support if you need help forwarding, pointing to hosting or making sure YOUR domain doesn’t expire!

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How to Find Domain Tips

Here are some interesting things you should think about when you find the domain you choose.  

Having a professional domain will make YOU look like a professional instead of having a Free yahoo, gmail, or something similar.

When you find a domain name, the investment is usually around $15 bucks a year.  YOU need to know, this is a recurring fee.  Almost any place you buy a domain from will try to upsell you other similar domains or services.

YOU usually don’t need anything else…except maybe investing in the Privacy Feature.  It protects you from getting a ton of spam email because spammers can’t see who owns that domain name.

When you find a domain, now you can set up a professional email account.  That normally is an additional fee, but not very much.

If you are not going to build a website on that domain, YOU will not need hosting…so don’t think about buy hosting.

You may have wondered how to find domain names…but now, with this video…it’s easy!  I hope you enjoy what YOU’VE learned! 

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Article: How to Find Domain Names is EASY with this Training Video

Author: Burt Richard

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