Create Testimonial Images with the Graphic Creator

 Creating testimonial images using our free graphic creator is fast and easy.  In this video tutorial, we will create a testimonial image together and learn why it is so important to use these on your website.

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Testimonial Image with the Free Graphic Creator

 Using testimonial images give you social proof.  It says…if other customers like your product and services, chance are, they will be happy with you too.

As soon as I get a testimony from a happy customer, I always try to post that testimony next to the product or service I am promoting.   

I get a lot of testimonies, simply because people send me an email saying something nice about the product or service.  Then I always, reply and ask permission to use what they said as a testimony and I even ask, “If not too much trouble, can you send a picture I can post with the testimony.”  Having an image with the testimony gives weight and allows people to put a face with a name.  Many times, I even ask for a video testimony.  Those are the BEST, but really hard to come by.  😯

free graphic creatorIf you don’t have any testimonies yet, then just ask. When you’re having a conversation with a customer, ask if they could take a moment to write down a testimony.  People who are happy with your services are usually willing and want to help you.

Easy to Use, Free Graphic Creator Software

Once you get your testimony and permission to use their testimony, use the Free Graphic Creator to create your testimony graphic and then post it on your website.  It’s that easy to use our graphics creator software!

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