What does Farming and Illegal Weed have to do with Internet Marketing

Cultivating Success - Corner Garden

Cultivating Success – Corner Garden


You are not going to believe what I say in this audio at about 5:15.  My wife was shocked that I told this…

Listen to this Audio…download it and listen to it often, especially when you feel like you are not getting anything done!

It will remind you, what you need to do, so that…you can “Create Success” !


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I want you to listen to this story…because when we get to the end of this story…you are going to understand so much better…

Why…you are not making any money online and how you can begin to finally start making money and lots of it.

Let’s imagine for a moment…that we’ve decided to plant a small garden, but since we don’t have much experience…we’re going to start real small.

So, we go to the lawn and garden dept of our favorite store and we look at all the stuff that they have available for gardening.  Realizing that we just want a small garden…we pick up one  pack of tomatoes seeds, some gloves and head home.

Excited by our new project…when we arrive home…we immediately find a nice spot in the corner of the yard, remove all the grass, till up the soil and plant our tomato seeds.  It took us about two days…because we had to dig up the grass with a shovel, turn the soil with shovel, make a couple small rows by hand with a that same shovel, but…

Dang…we finally have something small that looks like a garden.

Cultivating Success is Like a Garden

We plant the seeds, drag the hose all the way over to the corner of the yard and water our seeds.

Then after all that work…we decide this is a lot of work, it’s hot and I ain’t about to drag this hose every day…I’m headed back to the store to buy a sprinkler so I can automate the watering process for those new tomato seeds.

When I get to the lawn and garden section of my favorite store…I get distracted by all the equipment, the sod remover I could have bought to save my hands from those blisters I earned from that shovel, the tiller I could have bought to till the ground and I see some more seeds.

This time some watermelon seeds that really look good and I can already imagine eating that cold, juicy watermelon after a long day of hard work.

I buy the watermelon seeds, head home and completely forgot about the sprinkler.  I didn’t get the sod remover or the tiller, because…well I don’t have any money and can’t see spending more money on just a little gardening project.

When I get home…I realize I can’t plant my watermelon seeds with my tomato seeds….so…I begin the whole process all over again…but  in the opposite corner of the yard.

I’ve now completely forgot about my tomatoes, since they don’t look nearly as appetizing as my juicy watermelon seeds and they die before they even get started because they don’t get any water.

Do you see where I’m going here???

You are just like the gardener in this story….myself included.

You’ve come across this great idea (your seed) to make money online.  You’re all excited, spend about a week, maybe two on that idea, head on over to the local store (the world wide web) to get a thing or two to automate your project (allow it to water on it’s own) and while there…see another BSO, bright shiny object (more seeds) that will make you more money (bring you tastier, watermelons than those tomatoes)…and your first great idea dies before it even spouts.

If you are going to start gardening and you know anything about gardening…it’s better to start off small, stay focused on that one seed and do everything you can to make it produce. 

Because just about anything you plant will produce…some more than others, and some will not benefit you at all.

I remember a time when I was about 16, I was between my Jr and Sr year of school…I had failed English and was going to summer school…I was car pooling with three other guys…all of whom…I knew I should not be car pooling with, but did anyway.

Having always been an entrepreneur…one day one to the guys I was riding with introduced the idea of how much money we could make growing and selling our own weed.  (Hey don’t judge me…you probably did it too) that was before I had some sense.  ;^)

Anyway…I planted some of those seeds, they actually grew and when they were about two or three inches tall…I got the revelation that this was STUPID…not to mention illegal and threw them away.

But the point of this little rabbit trail is…that just about any idea you have…can make you money, some more than others, some legal and moral and some not.

So…be wise in what you do, pick one business model and stick with it until you make money.

Once you have experience and you’ve learned how to automate a big part of the process, then you can start on planting other seeds.

At some point in your future…when you understand gardening like the back of your hand…then you can maybe tackle two gardens at one time.

But until you have the experience…focus on one thing at a time!

Two (2) important thing you need to get out of this Cultivating Success story…

  1. Pick one business model (seed) and stay with it until it either produces or proves to be a bad seed.
  2. Understand that making money online…is just like planting a garden.

You plant a seed in the spring, water it, tend to it all through summer and in the fall, you finally reap a harvest.

The same is true about internet marketing and building a business online.  You have to start your business idea, (plant the seed) learn it, tend to it, auto-mate it, throughout the learning process (your summer) and then in the fall season, slowly but surely, a few dollars here, a few dollars there, ( one tomato at time will ripen-you’ll pick those tomatoes) and you’ll finally be rewarded for your efforts.

Then…after you’ve become experienced…you’ll be able to scale up...(plant more than one garden at a time) and reap even more harvest for your efforts.


That’s a little bit of inspiration for you this week.

Start planting good seeds…because, if you do, you’ll reap a great harvest…but even if for some reason,  you got side tracked and picked a bum seed, that’s ok…

you learned some valuable things along the way.

Don’t quit, start again and next time it’ll be easier and quicker, because you’ll  be using the skills you learned from your first garden.

Alright, go..plant, and reap a harvest!

How to Reap an Online Garden of Success

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