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TL Holley

TL Holley

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Next Winner of $50 Gift Certificate or $50 Cash (your choice) will be announced in our next Webinar in April.

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Check out some of these Page #1 Video Rankings…but this is the important part…make sure to watch the video all the way through and as a bonus, log into your YouTube Account and like the video.   

This is extremely important…I will give you the results of the Experiment on our next webinar!  Thanks greatly for taking part in the Experiment.

Learn from these Page 1 Video Rankings 
 Metal Fabrication in Louisiana  About 341,000 results  pg 1
Custom Fabrication in Louisiana About 3,870,000 results pg 1 
Welding Fabrication in Louisiana About 14,600,000 results pg 1 
Welding Projects in Louisiana About 71,300 results pg 1 
 HealthCare Recruiters in Idaho  About 1,400,000 results  pg 1
 Healthcare CFO Jobs  About 1,150,000 results  pg 1
 Handyman Jobs Alexandria Louisiana  About 147,000 results  pg 1
 Home Improvement Professionals Alexandria Louisiana  About 803,000 results  pg 1

73 Responses to “Getting Started”

  1. Letitia Rhodes says:

    Hey Burt,

    I need some help please.

    I had a video that was showing in the listings between page 7 and 10 when I limited the search to videos and 1 mo.

    It no longer shows up for videos.

    I can find it if I use quotes for the title but not as a video.

    I haven’t received any ugly emails from youtube.
    I also can still see it I go directly to the url.

    the link to the video:

    I know this was Not low hanging fruit and how I ended up here is another story…

    Any idea what I did or what happened?

    • admin says:


      You did a pretty good job on the review Video.

      And you’re right…you picked a tough niche…LOL

      Looking at your video, it looks like you did everything right…so, here are some questions for you.

      #1 What is your main keyword?
      #2 What is your keyword density?
      #3 Since you’re in a very competitive niche…have you built any back-links? (You’ll need maybe 5 or 6 for this one and maybe a little time)
      #4 How are you tracking your video? (Best way is with the Video tool I suggest)

      I don’t think anything is wrong…you just picked a tough niche…build a few links…track your video with the tool I suggest
      and I think everything will be fine.

      Ok…keep up the great work!

      • Letitia Rhodes says:

        Main keyword: seo copywriting
        Density: main kw and variations I think I counetd 7 or 8 including title.

        I’m working on getting the backlinks.

        I was tracking manually my budget is a little well very tight. The tracking software is on the list for either when I make more money or after the first of Aug.

      • Letitia Rhodes says:

        Can videos be hacked?
        I found my video link in web search. I clicked on the link and got some warning about unable to save msql and invalid msql.
        It seem ok if I just go to the site. But Google can’t access my video.

        I have a screen shot of the warnings. I will post or email with your permission.

        • Letitia Rhodes says:

          Hey Burt
          The video is showing up again in Google.
          No clue maybe Youtube was in a snit and not talking to Google.

          It’s going well in the rankings.

          • admin says:


            What you experienced is sometimes known as the Google Dance.

            Your video will rank, the move around, you can’t seem to find it,
            but a few days later, it will settled down and start climbing.

            I see your video is #1 for your keyword “seo copywriting easy and fast strategy”



        • admin says:


          What you have experienced is usually not a big concern or something to worry about…let me explain.

          It look’s like you’re video was snatched by a video robot. People use automated tools to get videos and other content
          for their sites…so they don’t have to do the work. Eventually, they get slapped when Google find them.

          In most cases…the video remains in tack and if you have a good strong call to action with Your link in the
          video itself…it could actually help YOU.

          They snatch your video, if their site gets traffic, if you put your link IN the VIDEO…you get traffic from their site.

          Hope that helps you out and relieves your worries.


          Moral of the Story…always make sure YOUR Link in the Video too!

          • Letitia Rhodes says:

            Hey I did pretty good for my first try!

            And yes I learned my lesson be my link is inside video somewhere with the call to action.

          • admin says:

            Did great for YOUR first try!

            Keep up the great work and now go make many more videos!


  2. Howard says:

    Hi Burt,

    This is an update to the last message I left for you about my abs video not showing up on page on google. Well, it is now 6 days since I posted it on Youtube and it is showing up on page 3! Hopefully it is just a few more days before it shows on page 1. If there is anything more I can do to help this happen please let me know.

    • admin says:


      Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner! I sent an email out to everyone, but you may not have
      gotten it.

      I just got back today from a 7 day trip in Vegas! I was working on my latest product with my
      partner and doing some awesome training!

      Anyway…Glad to see your video is moving up. For more competitive does take time,
      but 6 days is AWESOME for any health niche!

      Keep up the great work!


  3. Howard says:

    Hi Burt,
    I just put a video up on youtube 3 days ago but it is not showing up on google – I have looked 10 pages deep.
    The key word is: ab and stomach exercises and google key word tool says there are 74,000 monthly searches.
    Here is the link to the video
    Can you make any suggestions for gettign to first page?

  4. Tim says:

    Hi Burt can you take a look

    At this video I created an advise me of what
    I may have done wrong cause I dont see it on google

    • admin says:

      I went to go look at your video and I got a message that the video had been removed.

      If you still have it…send me another link.


  5. Tim says:

    Yes if you dont select private browsing will your site still show up for and ordinary person searching the net, and is there a way for mobile ranking, and last but not least for the kindle book do you submit your articles to ezine for it to rank

    • admin says:


      Thanks for this great question.

      Other people will still see your website regardless of whether YOU are looking at it in Private Browsing or not. Viewing your website in Private Browsing is just
      a great way to see accurate rankings…for your chosen keyword.

      As far as Mobile Ranking….you should rank on mobile just like on your PC, Laptop, or Ipad…it’s not about the device…it’s about the SEO you do on YOUR Site.

      As for your last question:for the kindle book do you submit your articles to ezine for it to rank.

      No you don’t…Submitting Content to Ezine Articles will help your book to rank, but only plays a small part in getting it to rank.

      I hope I have helped you out….


  6. ana says:

    Hi Burt!

    Just watched the webinar via Jason and Wilson’s link… and well, here I am!

    My plan is to start at the top of the training modules on the right hand side of the member pages …

    But First: I really want to view the Youtube ranking tricks you teased us with on the webinar 🙂 … In which module are these revealed?

    thanks! ..

    • admin says:

      Welcome aboard Ana !

      I know you will really enjoy this Training…

      Right now you will see that is Step #09 (I’ve just recently moved this…it used to be Step 11)

      I’ve moved it because some people were missing this part because it was in the bonus section…

      Now remember, it’s important to learn how to walk before you can run….the basics in the beginning
      of this course are the keys to getting your videos ranked high and fast.


      • ana says:

        uncle Burt ! thanks for the reply .. I’m excited to get this all going ..

        And, I’m thinking of entering that contest you have listed, if it’s still going..

        By the way, my sis just moved to New Orleans… making it as a chef … me loves me some cajun cookin’!

        have a great weekend!

        • admin says:

          Start writing….I will be announcing the begin of the contest for this group of people in April ….so the more you write the better your odds of winning…


  7. Lisa (DocT) says:

    Hey Burt

    I have to give you a big THANK YOU for the webinar on Push Button SEO – I purchased the plug-in and let me tell you, I have never had so much fun creating my blog posts as well as making sure everything is optimized. It is so easy to use and a fantastic for any digital entrepreneur.


    • admin says:

      I’m so glad you decided to get that awesome plugin…PushButtonSEO

      It is an awesome tool and a great price for those who are willing to help test this plugin…I’m so glad you JUMP on board!


  8. Wayne says:

    Just want to say, it’s always informative and a pleasure attending your webinars Burt! I always learn something, I always get reminded of something I should have been doing anyway, and I always leave energized and ready to dive back in to work!

    Best Regards,


  9. Ford Brown says:

    Hey Burt, Need some help!! I followed the directions on your coarse, created my video, up loaded it to Youtube, placed it on my website got it indexed by google but my video did not show up anywhere as far as I could tell. What am I doing wrong??
    Here is the video link on my website:
    This is the link for my youtube video
    Any Sugustions would be appreciated Thanks

    • admin says:

      What is the keyword you are trying to rank for?
      What is the competition for that keyword?
      Get back to me with those two answers and I can take a look.


      • Ford Brown says:

        Sorry Burt, I was looking in the wrong place!!
        When I created my video and uploaded to YouTube instead of giving it the title for Chris Mentor Me Bonus which is what I wanted it to rank for instead I titled it Chris Mentor me Bonus Video and Guess where I found it.
        That’s right when I did a (private browsing)search for Chris mentor me bonus video there it was at the number one spot on Google!! Then I did another search for Chris mentor me video and I was number 4!!
        Your system is awesome!!!
        I am back at it going to try a couple of little tweaks and see what happens.
        Sorry for jumping the gun but I was a bit frustrated. But not any more 🙂

        • admin says:

          Congrats Ford!

          Glad you are enjoying and learning how simple it is to get a Google 1st Page ranking.

          Take a few minutes and send me a testimony or even make me a video testimony about some of the awesome points of this course.

          I’d greatly appreciate it.


  10. bilal says:

    This course is the best from the best
    incredible value.
    i would not be where i am now without this course, and if anyone who would like my help
    in video making i am here to help.
    check out my videos on theses youtube channels .
    1) thatfreethingtv
    2) yournetbiztv
    3) myshoppinggenietv
    a small fee according to your budget

    • admin says:

      Check it out…glad to see that we have people inside the members area…willing to help others…

      of course…anything worth worth paying for too! (It’s called making an investment in YourselF!

      Check him out!

  11. Burt, the webinar was GREAT… I submitted my article to about 5 Article Directories last night and got two calls from my toll-free number already… woo-hoo!

    Also, I should be moving to Houston in 3 days, so I can’t do much right now… I really wanted to be making pretty good money right now, but I still need to purchase some of the recommended tools to maximize my results 🙂

  12. 777am says:

    Burt answered a few questions through email and asked me to post them in the members area.

    1. So in the title, do I put the keywords in the order I want them to rank for?

    —Burts Answer: yes

    2. Is it ok to ever change the title, description, tags etc of a video once it has been posted? Or do I have to leave it all the same?

    —Burts Answer: Never really tried….I usually will delete the video and reload.

    3. So if I am trying to rank for say the 4 keywords I mentioned above, do I put all 4 of those keywords in the tags too?

    —Burts Answer: Most definitely

    4. What is the most keywords you have ever put in the tags or do you know if there is a limit?

    —Burts Answer: I try to never put more than 10….otherwise Google sees it as keyword stuffing

    5. Are you hosting all of your videos on Amazon before you upload them to YouTube, or are you uploading them straight to YouTube itself?

    —Burts Answer: Both

  13. Burt, I already know how to do that… I wanted to have my article set up with the H1, H2, H3, etc. for higher Google ranking. Is that where I should be able to do that? I don’t understand…

    Ted 🙁

    • admin says:


      Ezine articles will not let you put in H1, H2, H3, etc.

      Just follow my 11 Google Keyword secrets….put the keywords in the right places, but you still have to follow
      the rules of the Article Directory.

      Although they don’t let you put in some stuff…you’ll still get extremely high Google rankings if your follow
      all the other things I teach.

      Just change your h2 and h4 headings into regular or bold sized text..


      • Thanks Burt… I am so excited and will make the necessary changes you suggested, because I want to submit this, my first article, Working with Burt 🙂 and submit them to the 10 Article Directories you suggested before moving from Las Vegas to Houston by Friday, or Saturday & then you said I would be only about 4 hours from you HOORAY! I would love to see you and work with you, if possible!

        Thanks again, Burt 🙂

    • I just submitted my article to Ezine Articles… I know it takes a while to be reviewed, but IT’S DONE! 🙂


      • admin says:


        If it’s your first article or first set…it takes longer…
        but after about 10 or 12 articles…they start reviewing them quicker.



  14. Burt, I have been working the past couple of weeks trying to get my article together and transfer it from WordPress to Ezine Articles; however, the format if all wrong. I tried several different approaches, including converting article to HTML and then converting the file from WordPress then inserting it into Ezine Articles in the HTML format, but I just can’t seem to get it quite right… HELP!

    Ted Franks 🙁

    • admin says:


      Easy fix…Just copy your article from your site…from inside where you would edit the post.

      Then paste it onto a NotePad (that takes out the HTML coding)
      Then go to your account at Ezine Articles and paste it in there and then SUBMIT.

      That should fix your problem.


  15. Terrence says:

    Burt you are the best and I truly beleive that my success is around the corner after I do the work to get there.

  16. Zahida says:

    Looking forward to learning your technique to getting on Google Page 1

  17. Burt, permission requested to have my tech review materials to get us going. His name is Chris. I would rather not use VA just yet.


  18. Garry says:

    Brilliant webinar with Jason. I’m really looking forward to learning from you Burt

    • admin says:

      Welcome Garry,

      Buckle up your set and get ready….getting onto the 1st page of Google has never been faster…and funner!


  19. Mike says:

    G’day Burt.

    Just came onboard via Jason Fladlien webinar.Best webinar I’ve ever attended. Looking forward to the journey.


    • admin says:

      Thanks and Welcome Mike…I know you will enjoy! Most important part is…..”Take Action” on what you learn!


  20. George says:

    Hey Burt,

    Happy 46th Birthday!!!!

    Hope you enjoy your day today.

  21. George says:

    Hey, Burt. I tested the method you suggested in the presale webinar to see how well it worked 😀 Using Notepad/Powerpoint and this excellent free resource, I posted just 1 vid for my wife’s charter school. In a matter of hours, it went from the last listing on page 1 to the #2 listing on that page! So now I’m hooked (and bought the course). And I’ll be using it to expose our addiction-related offers on

    • admin says:

      Great…thanks for sharing that valuable info!

      • Sak0717 says:

        Hi Burt
        I can not download Power Point 2007 only can get Viewer witch can only open Power Point file. Maybe I using Window XP, any way I can get Microsoft Power Point?


        • admin says:

          I’m not sure what your issue is…go to Microsoft’s website and purchase PowerPoint there…I think you can even get a 30 or 60 day trial.


        • Charlie Gosh says:

          No need to buy anything for Windows users. (Not sure about Mac’s)

          Go to, download and install the latest version of OpenOffice (OO is free — it’s Oracle’s way of poking MS in the eye).

          Right-click the .pptx file in Windows Explorer, choose “Open With” and select “OpenOffice Impress” and check the box for “always do this.” If you don’t know how to do that, just launch OO and browse to open the file.

          The beauty of OpenOffice is that it opens Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and PowerPoint presentations in the same window – you don’t have to launch a different app for each file type, which saves a lot of memory and is easier to use. It doesn’t have every tool that MS provides, but it has all the tools you’ll ever need.

          The downside is that you should change Open Office’s default “Save As” filetypes to Microsoft’s defaults (.doc, .xls, .ppt) or other people may have trouble opening YOUR work.

          If you still need MS-Office, consider getting the Student version at Costco or (no membership required for online purchases) for around $125. No support provided by MS for the Student version, but when was the last time you called MS for support?

          • admin says:

            Charlie…Thanks for Sharing this valuable information….

            I will pass it on in the webinars….

            If you happen to be on the webinar…make sure to remind me about this great information you’ve shared!

            Thanks and enjoy!

    • Terrence says:

      Hey George, I just downloaded screencapstudio and I think it is an awesome tool, however I am not tech savvy so and don’t know how it can interact with Power Point. My major problem has been finding ways to not make my presentations plain Jane. I am looking for something that I can snag-it to put at the top of my Power Point for e-books and other products that I already wrote.

  22. Holly says:

    Hey Burt!

    Folks, I met Burt and his lovely wife this weekend at Practical Profits in Las Vegas. One of the very first things he did was tell me how to make my blog “evergreen,” mainly by removing the dates. I did that, and immediately felt all the pressure of posting all the time lift. I knew right then that if he was offering advice, I wanted to hear it. That’s why I signed up for this course. Burt, can’t wait to learn more from you!


    • admin says:

      It was a pleasure meeting you too Holly! I always enjoy helping those who really want to help themselves! Thanks for investing in yourself !

  23. Kurt Edlund says:

    Thanks for letting me in to your success!

    I´m shurley need some assistance. I´v been 1½ year pushing and claiming for help and money but with small results!

    I´m a retired Hospital Chaplain from Stockholm and I need some extra income!

    • admin says:

      Kurt, what kind of assistance are you needing? If you go through this course…you will learn some really quick ways to make money. But, as with anything…it takes WORK. If you bought into the whole internet pipe dream “buy this and next week your bank account will be full of money…I’m sorry.” Every Guru on the internet…all started the same way…with good ole fashion WORK.

      But if you’re willing to work…Success is just around the corner. That is one of the reasons I have member only webinar’s…to help people like you…who need help.

      I look forward to helping YOU!


  24. Rich says:

    Was the members webinar recorded the other night, am in the UK so it was too late for me to attend

    • admin says:

      Yes, it was recorded…I will send out an email when I am finish editing it.

      All training webinars are recorded for your benefit!

  25. TL Holley says:

    I was very honored to have won the Grand Canyon article writing contest. Thank you, Burt.

    Thank you also for recommending my services as an article writer. If anyone is interested in hiring me to write content for their websites, you may contact me at for details.

    Thanks, Burt!

    • admin says:

      Congrats TL ! TL did a great job writing for the Grand Canyon Article Writing Contest! In my opinion and from the articles that TL has submitted to me, he will do a great job writing articles for other people as well.
      Contact TL and let him work out a great deal for you!

  26. Andrea says:

    Love the Great Quote Burt. So true. Vision without taking action is crazy. Thanks for the clear simple and easy instructions to follow in this video. Looking forward to the rest of the course!!!!!!

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