Bonus – #1 (adding more soon)

Content Creation & Article Marketing Expert Interviews


Find out what these Content Creation Experts have to say!

You are going to be surprised by what you will learn from these experts.

Check back soon…I’ve got a surprise scheduled for you.  You don’t want to miss it!


man_silhouette100x100 These experts are “Content Kings”…about anything…in any niche. They know what it means to have “Great Content” !  From writing articles to fill up a new website, submitting articles to article directories to drive traffic back to your website and having “Great Content” to send out in your auto-responders…without “Great Content”…you’re like a fish out of the water!

You are going to be amazed at what he discovered by simply writing articles.

Listen to the Experts


Bonus – #2

Many different ways to put money in your pocket within 7 days!

Become a “Content King”

In this section…I’ll even show you some places you can go and sell your “Great Content” once you’ve created it!  Become a “Content King” !

I’ve included this Bonus PDF…it cost me plenty to get it for you…but your worth it!

“The Best 23 Content Selling Sites!”

Download PDF

Bonus – #3 – Your Upgrade has Arrived!

Articles to Videos

Quickly Turn your Articles into Traffic Sucking Videos

This one technique is worth more than the price of this course!

I debated whether to give away this awesome secret…but You’re Worth It !

Go now and access Articles to Videos

Bonus – #4 –Your Upgrade has Arrived!

How to Find someone to Outsource your “Content Creation”

Leverage your time by giving your Virtual Assistant this course!  Let them create “Great Content” while you reap the rewards!

I’ll show you what to look for and the easiest way to find people begging to create “Great Content” for dirt cheap!

Enjoy this bonus video! It’ll save you tons of work…if you’re willing to employ someone and Outsource the creation of your “Great Content” !

8 Responses to “Bonus”

  1. Valerie P says:

    Hi Burt,
    I was wondering if you still recommend Bonus #2? There are a few products that I am interested in, mainly the unadvertised bonus. But, I was wondering if its still reliable for 2012? Thank you


    • admin says:

      Valerie, Bonus 2 is an awesome Free Resource I managed to get for YOU! Regardless of the day or YEAR…people will always need someone to
      Create Great Content for them.

      If you enjoy writing and Creating Great Content like I teach in this course…
      once people get to know Your work…YOU will not have enough time to write content.

      Yes…I highly recommend Bonus 2 !


  2. Joey says:

    Joey here….just got this course and looking forward to learning.


  3. bilal says:

    This has been the best ever course i have come across ,
    the best value and contents.
    Ihave used the methods burt has shown me and ihave used the tools on my pages
    and my website ratings went in to rocket mode and

    About 307,000 results (0.26 seconds) when type in – thatfreething tv
    About 666,000,000 results (0.19 seconds) when you type in- that free thing tv

    • admin says:

      Glad you have enjoy it ! I know it did the same thing for my websites too. Pass the word and promote this product before everyone is.

  4. Jason Lohman says:

    Just two weeks ago I did not know ANYTHING about content, the correct usage with keywords,article writing, let alone trying to put a link on google at all.

    After going through Burt’s Article course then the Article to Video course, I feel like I’am in a whole new world! I feel empowered to put whatever content I want to write about and have it listed right on the first page of Google!

    The proof is in the pudding all, You can see my videos plastered on Googles first page, at the top, “{Surgery Recovery Scottsdale Arizona)”

    My mind has opened up to all the possibilities!!

    Thanks Burt!

    Jason Lohman

    • admin says:


      I can’t say enough….

      How happy I am for you!

      When people “Take Action” and put into practice…
      Real Techniques that really work…

      the possibilities are endless!

      Congrats for “Taking Action” !

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