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How to Set Up PayPal Account

How to Set Up PayPal Correctly = More Profit PayPal is without a doubt a necessity when first starting out online, but how to set up a PayPal account the right way, makes a difference in sales and your relationship with PayPal. If you’ve been online for a little while, then I’m sure you’ve heard of the FEARED PayPal freezes, holds and limitations!  In this PayPal series, I want to assist you in learning how to set up PayPal the right way and some really great tips as well. 
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Cut and Paste Legal Forms

These Cut and Paste Legal Forms – Templates For Your Business and Your Website can keep you safe but… It could cost you a fortune and possibly your business if you wait until later.     Don’t get View Post caught when the unexpected happens…because it always happens! You wouldn’t buy life insurance for your spouse after he/she passes away???   The same is true for protecting your business! Plan right now for your future…You owe it to yourself and I owe it to you! What kind of person would I be…if I didn’t help you prepare and start off right this year or any year! This Video is extremely important! You’re here because at some point in your life, you want to create a business online. (Disclaimers – Privacy Policy – Copyright – I need HELP)
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Sunday Update – You Are What You Eat

You Are What You EAT – even when it comes to online offers!  I bet you’ve heard… “You are what you EAT.”  It’s a statement that says, you become whatever you consume and I’m not talking just about food here.  Are you fat on all the BSOs (Bright Shiny Objects) you’ve been consuming.  You’re fat because all you’ve done is buy stuff and never applied any of it.  Kinda like eating at McDonald’s everyday and never exercising. 
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Cultivating Success – How to Focus and “Create Success”

What does Farming and Illegal Weed have to do with Internet Marketing   You are not going to believe what I say in this audio at about 5:15.  My wife was shocked that I told this… Listen to this Audio…download it and listen to it often, especially when you feel like you are not getting anything done! It will remind you, what you need to do, so that…you can “Create Success” !  
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Sunday Update – Positive Thinking – It does the Body Good

Be Positive in Your Thinking and Focus on the Good Life Happens – Focus on the Positive What did you accomplish this week?  Did you accomplish a lot and did you reach all your goals or are you beating yourself up because you didn’t accomplish as much as you had planned? When doing anything…especially when trying to “Create Success” online, it’s important to focus on what you did accomplish, because unfortunately, life happens and the internet is always changing with one internet challenge after another. It’s the one thing you can depend on…but if you persist and focus on the good, try to always look for the positive, or think positively about what ever situation your in…you’ll come out better.
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Do You Believe in God – It’s OK if you Don’t

Don’t Watch this Video if You’re Easily Offended This video is about 40 minutes…but a video that could change your life, but only if you have an open mind. This video is the basis for why and how I am enjoying an awesome and prosperous life…but I know that some people will probably get offended and may even choose to stop following me… Guess what…if you’re that closed minded…”It’s Your Loss!” I don’t mean that rude, but if you are going to “Create Success”, you must be willing to learn from both the good and the bad.  Who am I?  Only YOU can define that. I hope that you will take a few minutes and invest this time in YOURSELF…you’ll be glad you did!
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Sunday Update – Fuel to Learn Internet Marketing

  Be Inspired – Learn Internet Marketing   When you begin to learn internet marketing, you’ll end up getting emails from just about every Guru and Pretend Guru out there! Now I won’t pretend to be a Internet Marketing Guru, but I will teach you and give you access to some Awesome Internet Marketing Training. Building a business online is no different than any other business.  You’ll have to continually invest if you are going to grow!  Only YOU know what you need…right now, on your internet marketing journey! But a good mentor will make sure you get internet marketing training and hear about the things that you can benefit from.  If you’re not getting value…it might be time to UNSUBSCRIBE-! My goal is to help those who have a desire to create success online. I have recorded (and continue to add) numerous step-by-step internet market training at NO COST. I remember what is was like when I started and I wish I had someone like ME to help. I invite you to become a Member today and let the training begin! CLICK TO BEGIN YOUR TRAINING
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How Do I Protect My Computer

Protect My Computer for Free   How Do I Protect My Computer and How to Find Viruses on your Computer is a question often asked.  This video shows you how to do this all with Free Software! If your computer has been running slow, it’s probably because you’ve caught a: Virus Trojan Adware Spyware or any number of Computer Bugs!  
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Sunday Update – Dont Quit – That’s too EASY

Don’t Quit I know sometimes it SEEMS like you’re being eaten up, getting swallowed by debt and everybody is out to get you! But it only a lie!  That little devil sitting on your shoulders would love to convince you to give up before your Dreams come true! You’ve even have people telling you to stop chasing your dreams!  You’ve got to learn to listen to the right people.  Some of those people don’t want to see you “Create Success” because if you did….they wouldn’t have an excuse as to why they couldn’t do the same. Becca and I believe in YOU! Don’t Quit
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WP Headline Plugin

WP Headline Plugin Review and Bonus Videos This new plugin called, “WP Headline” is a refreshing surprise.  Not only is it easy to use, but it’s so practical for people who are trying to create those amazing headlines that capture your attention and convert your visitors to buyers!
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