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We really enjoy helping as many people as we can to “Create Success” so that…

they can experience and enjoy the life that most only dream about!

Working with Burt

We are living that kind of life and we don’t say that to brag…but to say…if a poor boy from south Louisiana with limited education can do it and a beautiful girl who had no interest in Internet Business…so can you!

Now…I am a Teacher, Motivational Speaker & Pastor. I get to travel to many places to speak, train and encourage people. I remind them of whom they are and that…they can achieve anything they desire if they will set their mind to it and not quit.

My wife Becca is the greatest assistant a man could have! She travels & works right along side of me and is the funnest person to work with. She really enjoys helping people…especially wives who have reservations about the whole online thing!

She knows…she’s been there!

We help people to see that they too can “Create Success”…because they were Created For Success….not to barely get by in this world!

“Create Success” with the Power of the Internet

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Today…it is easier than ever toCreate Successand build your dreams, because of the power of the internet!

We both love God and enjoy building a relationship with our Heavenly Father. We enjoy talking to people about God and what He is doing in their lives, our lives and…life in general.

We love to encourage & teach people what God says about them and how great life can be when we learn to put God first and foremost in our lives.

Don’t get us wrong or get turned off…we’re not some bible thumping Jesus freaks, ready to jump pews and tell you…“Your doomed for hell if you don’t get saved!” Lol

I’m not poking fun…I can say that, because I’ve been told that. LOL  We’re normal people just like you (whatever normal is)…who have experienced and gone through many problems. As long as we live…we are going to go through trials and tribulations.

But we’ve made the decision…that our past is not going to define who we are…what we do today is the only thing that can affect who we are tomorrow!

It took us a while to realize this…and you need to realize this too!

If you want a better life, then you need to start doing today…what you didn’t do yesterday!

What you do today is going to make a difference in your life tomorrow !

You really can “Create Success” online, but you have to make the decision to”Take Action” and start!

Why don’t you start today! Becca and I look forward to helping you and getting to know you as well.

Helping YOU connect the pieces of the puzzle… so you can “Create Success” online.

Start thinking Great Thoughts…and Great things will start happening!

Burt & Becca

Create Success with Burt and Becca now!

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